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Besides in the digital binocular station (last post), MindSpace Solutions also has other marker-based AR demos that are kind of interesting – (imho – still lack compelling visuals)

From AugmentedPlanet blog:

…A couple of my favourites are: Explore a Human Heart which has some really nice effects. Using five markers, four of which represent a piece of the heart while the fifth provides information on what you see. As you combine 2 or more cards the augmented reality images interact with each other.

The other demo I really like is the Solar Explorer. Similar to the heart demo but this time each marker represents a planet, when you add two planets together they scale to reflect their comparable size.

Jupiter and Earth but which is bigger? Bring the cards together to find your answer Use the infomation card to find out more

Building Human Heart video
Solar Explorer video

November 22nd, 2009

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