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Layar announced last week their new 3D feature coming in November. This feature will enable 3D rendering for Layar’s API, so that you can have something like this:

on the mobile application developed using Layar.

Interesting because: while we’ve seen a lot of AR apps on the desktop using 3D renderings (from Total Immersions to all the projects using ARToolKits, FLAR.. etc.) the AR apps on mobile have all been limited to drawing flat sprites/billboards on top of live video. Also note that this is *not* using a marker but location data in order to draw the 3D objects. Could be interesting to learn how they determine camera translation and smooth out the jitter.

However, 3D in AR on mobile phone still has lots of ways to go. Layar 3D: “With the limited processing power of phones we try to keep 3D objects below 1000 polygons. The platform can process objects up to 5000 polygons but starts to slow down.” Which means we probably won’t be able to get a lot of smooth-looking stuff w/ the current smart phones, but alas, it is a step forward.

Also, this looks like something out of Fringe:


September 28th, 2009

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