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There are inspirations, but then there are also other things


Our path to the world of augmented reality probably began like most curious coders out there:  it started with a link to some YouTube video and a “hey that’s cool, let me figure out how they did that” and naturally this led to Googling, finding some opensource codes, staying up late and opening up 20 more browser windows, etc.

Wait, actually, maybe it was seeing that GE ad… or was it that Japanese video… or was it this blog post?

Anyway, there’s a lot out there, and it’s steadily gaining street creds despite the gimmicky nature of 3D graphics.  Now that the venerable iPhone is about to get some AR applications in the App Store (they said September, right?), the time seems right to pay attention to this thing.  We’re starting this website as a part of our R&D effort to collect resources, notes, and track the world of augmented reality development, mobile platforms and otherwise.  Who knows, it might be useful.

September 2nd, 2009

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